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Range Master approved and major match abused. Our Kicker™ system is as reliable as it is consistent in its target presentation. The key to the Kicker system is that it uses a trigger and spring loaded strap system to launch a clay target into the air within a certain degree of repeatability that no other popper activated system can match. The machines unique design puts a spin on the clay to keep it stable in flight from start to finish. The Kicker's clay presentation is always towards the shooter and does not flip in the air. The Kicker's simple yet durable construction at only 14 lbs (the set up crew will love that) will last for many year and many happy competitors. Set-up and tear down is as easy. Loading the machine is easy as well. The spring tension is adjustable for low berm situations.  As fellow members of the shooting sports community, we are grateful and thankful for all the support that has been given to us and in return we sponsor matches and charities whenever possible.  

Match Sponsor /Contributor/ Seen At

2012-15 Superstition Mystery Mountain

2013-16 He-Man / Rocky Mountain 

2014-16 Purgatory "Harder Than Hell" Match

2014-16 Nordic Components Tactical Shotgun Championship

2014 Pike's Peak Shotgun Challenge

2014 EPIC Match - Copper Head Creek, TX

2014 Northwest Multigun Challenge

2015-16 SLOSA Coastal 3 gun Championship

201516 3 Gun Nation Western Regional - St George, UT

2015-16 3 Gun Nation Southwest Regional - Copper Head Creek, TX

2015 3 Gun Nation Eastern Regional - Peacemaker Range, WV

2015 Bushmaster Tarheel 3-Gun Challenge Match

2015-2016 USPSA Multigun Nationals

2015 MGM Ironman

​2015 Surefire World Multi-gun Championship

​2015-16Fort Benning Multi-gun

2016 Texas Multigun Championship

And many other clubs across the country

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